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I'm writing a Novel!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Several years ago I finished my first draft of a feature-length #scifi screenplay. It was 172 pages and told only a portion of the story I wanted to tell. Now I'm telling the whole story... as a #bookseries!

The project has come full circle. I originally started drafting the story as a #novel but after writing the first chapter I realized I didn't know enough about novel format and approach. I had also wanted to see the story on the big screen so... I started the #screenplay. It was great to have a "completed" screenplay of such complexity but I decided to shelve it because it was too complex. Maybe one day I'll adapt the novel to be a hit TV series!

Now, I have learned a lot more about the novel writing craft and I also have some mentors. Most notably, I was encouraged by my good friend Christopher Hopper. If you aren't yet familiar, I recommend checking out Christopher's #militaryscifi series Ruins of the Galaxy on Amazon. He just released his first audiobook for the series and it ranked at #1 in Audible sci fi! Christopher is a great writer and that is evidenced by the fact that he is ranked in the top 20 sci fi authors on Amazon. I am grateful to Christopher's advice and coaching and it is thanks to him that you will eventually be able to read my books!

So I bet you want to know what my books are about... at least I hope you do. 😉

Well here's a teaser of Book 1 for you:


He knows the job is a set-up.

But if he refuses, she’d be taken.

There are no guarantees either of them will make it out of this alive…

While trying to scrape by as a no-questions-asked courier pilot, Asher gets cornered by a militant religious leader who coerces him into taking a job. But when the payout of a lifetime turns out to be a suicide mission, Asher must decide how far he’s willing to go to survive.

Tensions rise, however, when Asher and his co-pilot find themselves embroiled in political rivalries that span the inhabited universe, testing their resolve as every decision they make affects humanity’s future.

Can Asher survive the job and free himself of his debts? Or will he sacrifice his soul as he dives into the dark currents that control the sector?

Read the gripping saga to find out if one man’s suffering could ultimately lead to his, and humanity’s healing.


I can't wait to share this #story with you. It has been thrilling to meet and get to know my characters as their depth and complexity has developed through the book. I'd like to invite you to join me in my #writingjourney by joining my Insiders group at the bottom of this page.

I will be writing monthly posts that will give you an inside look at where I am in the process, how I approach writing, where I get my ideas, and sneak peeks at the characters and world of the #Outliers book series.

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