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I'm an unapologetically neurodivergent, disabled, non-binary screenwriter who composes action-adventures of complex disabled heroes navigating the turbulent spectrum of life across fantastical worlds, usually with an airplane or two.

I help people laugh at themselves and cry for others, cast off their troubles and find their joy, see the invisible and hear silence. I use fiction to tell the truth.


ID: Exterior, woods, night.  A man in his 30s sits with his back to us, silhouetted by a campfire. Above him, white text reads "Camping with Dad."

Camping with Dad

With a project due Monday that could 

make or break his career, a health-challenged man's manipulative father kidnaps him on a disastrous camping trip meant to fix their relationship.

101pg dark dramedy

Scrapped Hope

In a world of islands separated by caustic ocean where air superiority determines prosperity or destitution - a wheelchair-using pilot, desperate to escape her life of impoverished servitude, enters her home-built scrap-metal airplane as a competitor in the International Air Games.

Hour-long limited series

60pg dieselpunk action-adventure

Stowe Story Labs Diverse Voices


Scrapped Hope Concept Art

ID: A young Black woman wearing flight suit and goggles on her forehead sits in a wheelchair looking out to the horizon. Behind her a propeller-driven racing airplane sits against a sky of billowy clouds. Title: Scrapped Hope in yellow text.

Sky Riders

Sky Riders concept art

ID: A Black androgynous teenager wears a leather flight suit and flight helmet with goggles. Behind them is a bird of prey large enough to ride. Golden clouds fill the sky.

When a neurodivergent, gender non-conforming sky rider saves their flying city from pirate attack, they’re granted their dream of being recruited to the capitol. But when they arrive, they learn their promotion might be less about their abilities and more about political maneuverings which soon become a matter of life and death.

Half-hour limited series

25pg steampunk action-thriller

Adapted with permission from Christopher Hopper's novel 'Sky Riders'


An indentured freighter pilot fights for his freedom, but when a religious zealot tries to leverage his dark past to take over his outlier colony, our hero must lead an unlikely crew to reclaim his people’s independence, and buy his own.

Hour-long limited series

50pg dark action-thriller

Outlier Key Art. A spaceship flies through an asteroid toward a planet.

Concept art "Rescue Mission" by Crocq Clement.
ID: A sci-fi space-scape. We look out of a blue-hued rocky angular tunnel that obscures our periphery. In the distance, a yellow planet with rings. Yellow title reads - Outlier. The "O" of Outlier is a spaceship with an outer ring around what looks like a fighter craft.

Time Girl Key Art. A 1920's female pilot stands in front of a twin tail aircraft.


When their parents are kidnapped, two adventurous girls must travel through time and space across bizarre dimensions to stop the tyrant who took their parents from unravelling existence itself.

42pg Action-Adventure pilot

*A work-for-hire

ID: Exterior, airplane hangar, day. Screen left - Ember Earhart, 20s, a white woman with red hair, wears a leather bomber jacket, black pants, leather boots, flight goggles and a leather pistol holster. She leans on the tail of a polished aluminum aircraft parked in front of a large aircraft hangar. The aircraft is a twin-engine twin-tail late 1930's design.

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