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TOP 10

Here is a list of 10 randomly picked favorites from among my hundreds of favorite books, TV shows and movies!

In no particular order...


Avatar- The Last Airbender

Perhaps the greatest TV series of all time. This show nears perfection. The characters are captivating. Their story arcs and how their story arcs intertwine and reinforce the show's theme is absolute brilliance. Also, they did their research - each of the "bending" styles accurately mirroring real-life martials arts (a couple that I studied myself).


The Secrets of Story by Matt Bird

This is perhaps the best book on advanced storytelling of all time... and it isn't well known! This book addressed for me the numerous misrepresentations of partial understanding that is presented in so many other writing books (I'm looking at you Save the Cat). If you are a writer, buy this book.


The Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan

I didn't like the first book the first time I read it. But then the series opens up into a vast world and Jordan finds his voice separate from the grandfather of modern fantasy. The characters are so well crafted and the themes that the story deals with are incredibly moving. Also, the way his world works and his invention of "the Source" is absolute brilliance. 


The Gap book series by Stephen R. Donaldson

This may be the darkest book series I have ever read. It deals with rape and abuse, and it should be said that some elements have not aged well. Reading it through the lens of the time it was written, it was truly groundbreaking. Get through the first book and you will find a world deep and vast with diverse, challenging characters. Donaldson is a master at making the audience empathize with and root for the most disgusting, vile people imaginable and in doing so, show us that deep down, we are potentially just one trauma from becoming that dark ourselves. It is ultimately a story about how an abuser, once abused himself, grows and changes until he is no longer and abuser, and how his victim is changed through her abuse and how it affects her path in life.



This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Directed by Kurosawa, this black and white samurai film is my favorite. Yes, I know Seven Samurai and even Yojimbo are more popular, but Sanjuro has more texture and nuance, and for me is more fun to watch. Check it out!


Ted Lasso

Ted is the embodiment of my spirit guide. This show is too good. Normally I don't go for sitcoms. In fact, there are only two I like. Ted Lasso and Shitt's Creek. Both are some of my favorite stories of all time. What really moves me about these stories is the heart, the vulnerability, and their uplifting nature.



If you have not seen this movie. Go see it now. Enough said.


Harry Potter

The books and the movies are fantastic (though Goblet of Fire movie was pretty rough). Here again is a powerful story of facing trauma and abuse to find one's power through love. I'm a Ravenclaw and my Patronus is a golden retriever... in case you were wondering.



I wish I were Naruto. I'd even be happy being Naruto without any of his ninja abilities. Why? Because his belief in himself and his faith in others is the biggest superpower that any character can have. Believe it!



I mean c'mon. I have to be a fan of my own stories! I am so excited to see where these characters will take me. I cannot wait to be able to share their journeys with you. It is my hope that this series will rank somewhere on your favorites list as well.

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