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ID: An image of Jeremy's Tik Tok profile.


Jeremy's personal TikTok channel where he acts out scenes that raise awareness and advocate for disabilities.

ID: A group of 7 guys stand around a 12-foot foamboard RC tank and hold an 8-foot foamboard RC A-10 Warthog. Text: A-10 VS Tank.


Flite Test

As showrunner of Flite Test from 2016-2020, Jeremy grew the channel from 300,000+ to 1.6Mil Subscribers and created most of their highest-viewed videos of all time. His videos at Flite Test have a combined 100Million views with a cumulative watch time of over 2200 years.

ID: Chris Downing, a muscular Black man, wears a black t-shirt and points while yelling encouragement on a football field. High school football players listen to him behind him.

Chris Downing

From 2009-2015 Jeremy was the showrunner for the Chris Downing YouTube channel. His videos garnered 2Million combined views. The channel led to a partnership with Nike, had footage featured in a worldwide Microsoft Surface commercial and eventually landed Chris a role as the top record-breaking Supertrainer for Beach Body.

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