ID: Exterior, woods, day. Screen left - Dad, 60s, white male with white hair, wears a flannel shirt and cargo pants. On his back is an old blue hiking pack and he carries a yellow fishing box. He stares, forlorn, off screen left. Screen right - his son, Johnathan, mid 30s, wears jeans and a white undershirt. He squats in the grass, back to camera, pondering their predicament. Center screen - white text reads "Camping with Dad" with graphics of a tent and camper van.

Camping with Dad

​A chronically ill man's manipulative father 'kidnaps' him on a disastrous camping trip meant to fix their relationship.

96pg dark dramedy

It's LADY BIRD meets NEBRASKA, while stranded

in the wilderness.


When a Black man with a crippling anxiety disorder is framed for stealing an aerospace prototype, he must expose a double-agent’s identity before he loses his life, or his sanity.

115pg paranoid-spy-thriller seasoned with comedy



Facade Overnight Bag Passport - Wix Image.jpg

ID: Point of View looking down. Foreground - out of focus, a Black man's hand holds a passport. In focus on the slate tile floor at his feet is a brown leather overnight bag. Embossed in the tile floor is the title - Facade.

crocq-clement-rescue mission permission to use on website with credit.png

Concept art "Rescue Mission" by Crocq Clement. https://www.artstation.com/crock
ID: A sci-fi space-scape. We look out of a blue-hued rocky angular tunnel that obscures our periphery. In the distance, a yellow planet with rings. Yellow title reads - Outlier. The "O" of Outlier is a spaceship with an outer ring around what looks like a fighter craft.


An indentured freighter pilot fights for his freedom, but when a religious zealot tries to leverage his dark past to take over his outlier colony, our hero must lead an unlikely crew to reclaim his people’s independence, and buy his own.

50pg dark action-thriller - TV mini-series


A self-proclaimed-redneck must use her shootin’ and punchin’ skills to rescue her estranged pacifist daughter from a drug-lord.

98pg Action-Comedy

The tone of AUSTIN POWERS...

meets the personality of TIGER KING...

in the plot of DIE HARD

Redneck Assassin Mockup.jpg

ID: A white woman with dirty blonde hair in beer-can rollers stares sourly at the camera. She wears a red flannel shirt, a shotgun shell bandolier, and has an assault rifle strapped to her back. Her left hand rests on a pistol on her hip and her right hand holds a gauge pump-action competition shotgun with a toilet-paper-roll suppressor on the barrel. Behind her an explosion. Red and black gradient text reads - Armed and Intoxicated: Redneck Assassin. A new comedy by Jeremy Andrew Davis


When their parents are kidnapped, two adventurous girls must travel through time and space across bizarre dimensions to stop the tyrant who took their parents from unravelling existence itself.

42pg Action-Adventure pilot


*A work-for-hire


ID: Exterior, airplane hangar, day. Screen left - Ember Earhart, 20s, a white woman with red hair, wears a leather bomber jacket, black pants, leather boots, flight goggles and a leather pistol holster. She leans on the tail of a polished aluminum aircraft parked in front of a large aircraft hangar. The aircraft is a twin-engine twin-tail late 1930's design.