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Hi, I’m Jeremy.

I’m on a mission to transform disability representation, shaping the cultures of tomorrow through the stories told today.


I create and educate through nuance, weaving humor and joy through the sharing of adversities we face.  


My values in action: exploration, invention, mutual respect and support, intersectionality, humor, and progress over perfection

ID: Jeremy - light-skinned, sandy-blonde-haired, male-presenting - wears a purple shirt  under a lavender blazer and smiles at you like you're his next best friend.

I am a multi-hyphenate writer, and film director, disability advocate and representation consultant, entrepreneur, and social media content creator.

  • CEO and Founder of Wondrous Horizons, an entertainment production studio.

  • Content Creator with over 150million career views and 2500years of cumulative watchtime.

  • LinkedIn Top Voice of Disability advocacy, inaugural selection.

  • Disability consultant with clients among the top brands and non-profits in the world.


ID: Jeremy, wearing a cream sportcoat, blue collared shirt, and jeans presents on stage in front of a pink and purple paneled backdrop.


ID: Jeremy, wearing a gray sweater, sits in a cafe with his laptop in front of him. He turns to give a smile to the camera as he gives a presentation on a conference call.

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